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Install workbench on Amiga 600 using WinUAE and CF2IDE

This how-to will teach you how to use the WinUAE Amiga emulator to setup a Compact flash card (or IDE hard disk) with the Amiga OS. When finished, the compact flash card (or the hard disk) can be installed into the real Amiga 600/1200 and boot into Workbench.

What you need:

1. WinUAE emulator

2. Amiga OS disks in ADF or DMS format

3. Compact Flash Card

4. Compact Flash to PCMCIA adapter

5. CF to IDE44 adapter

6. 44 pin Flat cable for the CFtoIDE adapter

You will also need a PC or Laptop with PCMCIA connector or USB adapter to a CF reader.

1. Plug in the CF card into the computer, using the PCMCIA adapter

2. Start Winuae from command line, using the parameter "-disableharddrivesafetycheck"

3. Configure Winuae for the Amiga setup you have. Does not hurt if you tune it for better performance (RAM, CPU and floppy access speedy)


4. Create a hard disk, and specify the CF Card for hard disk, mark it read/write


5. Load the Amiga OS floppies


6. Boot the emulated Amiga. This is how it is supposed to be after download (in this case, I booted into Workbench 2.1)


BE VERY CAREFULL WITH WinDH_C !!! Its is your PC Disk C:

Do not format it!

7. And now, the small secret that people seems to hide, because it is so dificult to find on the net...

Right click the HDToolBox, inside the Install disk -> HD Tools. Go to Icons, and select "Information".


8. Define the device needed to recognize and use the CF card. This is valid also if you are using a hard disk.


Click New, then enter the "SCSI_DEVICE_NAME=uaehf.device" and save. Now, HDToolBox wil see your CF Card (or hard disk). If it does not, maybe you card is too big. I used a 64 MB compact Flash card.

Note: I have tried a 1 GB CF Card, but it did not work for Amiga. You better not spend much money on a big card before make sure it will really work (try to borrow one from a friend just to test).

9. Run HDToolBox, "Change Drive Type" and let it discover the disk geometry.

10. Make a default partition, and optionally, a second partition.

11. Save everything. It will ask for a reboot.

12. After reboot, format both disk DH0 and the other partitions you might have created. Do not format you PC Drive C (WinDH_C).

13. Start the installation process. No secrets from here on.

14. Reboot the emulated Amiga, to test the installation. Don't forget to eject the floppies.

15. Remove the Compact Flash Card from the PC.

16. Plug the CF card into the CFtoIDE adapter.

17. Open the Amiga case, and connect the 44 pin flat cable.

18. connect the CFtoIDE to the cable.


19. Make some arrangement, so the CF stay on topo of the cradle and will no touch anything. Test everything before closing the Amiga case. Boot and check if the it starts in the Workbench.


Done, have fun.